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How To Improve Spirituality

How to Grow Real and Deep Spirituality in Family Life

Carrying out a daily Christian walk is always important, but it often feels even more so when we have families. Knowing that our decisions and spiritual walk impact not only us but also those we love is a heavy responsibility. Being a perfect role model is- of course- unrealistic, but the following steps can help you be your best.

Pray for Yourself

Raising a family is challenging- raising a spiritually upright one even more so. You will need guidance on a daily basis to ensure that you make the best decisions possible.

Pray for Your Family

No matter what stage of their journey your family members are in, they can always use your prayer. Praying for your spouse and children can lead them to God and keep them there. While you cannot control every decision they make, your prayers can certainly make an impact on them.

Lead by Example

Your family, especially your children, will remember what you do much longer than they remember what you say. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Leading by example is one of the best ways to teach others how to improve daily spirituality and connection to God.

Understand, though, that leading by example does not mean being perfect. In fact, allowing your family to see your own struggles and weaknesses and how you grow through them is an invaluable lesson. When you mess up (and you will, as I do) go to them and ask for forgiveness and then, start fresh.

Read Together

Make reading the Bible and devotions and children's Bible stories a regular part of your family life. Through this, you can all learn together and instill lifelong habits in them and grow faith.

Love Unconditionally

God loves us no matter how much we falter and stumble. He opens His arms to us with mercy and compassion. Loving your family unconditionally is an incredible gift that can help them better understand the love that God has for them.

Talk and Listen

Communication is crucial - communication with God and communication with your loved ones. A great way to help yourself and your family members improve your spirituality and make your home a safe haven for real-talk and real feelings.

Be open with one another- share your struggles, your fears, your mistakes, your innermost thoughts. Encourage and love one another as God tells us in His Word.

Question: What step can you take today to be a guiding light of love and faith for your family?

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