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Christian Speaking Ministry

3 Benefits of Inviting a Christian Speaking Ministry to Your Next Event

On the fence about inviting a speaking guest speaker to your group event? Wondering how much good it can do? The benefits can be wonderful and the following are just three that all of us as Christian ministry leaders should consider:

Provides a New Perspective

No one’s life and no one’s Christian walk is the exact same. We all experience things differently and learn different lessons. Each of us has pieces to a much larger puzzle, and it takes all of those pieces to form the full picture.

By inviting a Christian speaking ministry to your event, you are opening up the door for new pieces of the puzzle. The speaker can help people in your group understand things and make connections that they might not make otherwise.

Stimulates Fresh Ideas

Alongside a new perspective comes new ideas. Let’s say that you have a single mother in your group with four kids with three kids she homeschools and who works full time. She comes to every group meeting, but maybe the rest of your group send their kids to public school.

There is nothing wrong with either situation- they are simply different, and most of the group talks may not be relevant to her. If, however, a speaker comes in with her own unique motherhood and time management struggles, the mother in your group may gain new insight and tools.

Increases Motivation

A major benefit of both the new perspective and fresh ideas is that they create brand-new energy and motivation. Motivation can compel people into action and help them reach the goals that they set.

Do you have a Christian ministry that could benefit from a new voice? I am more than happy to be that voice for you! Just contact me today so we can discuss the details and any specific needs or desires your group has. I am excited to collaborate with you!

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