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A little bit about me

Hey friend, Jen here.  I am so happy you knocked on my blog's door and came in for awhile.  I desire this place to be one of rest.  One where you come to refill what feels emptied, and wrung out.  Life is a little crazy sometimes right? 

I am a mom, a wife, ministry leader, author and cheerleader for women. I have a deep calling to lead other women to their center, which I truly feel is Jesus Christ.  He is the lover of our souls and the one who is all peace, all hope and all joy.  

We could each use a rest area from busy-ness and the crazy pace of life.  Glad you pulled over.  I am passionate about helping women get to know God at a deeper, more connected level, therefore coming to know themselves better too.  Studying and teaching God's Word is my jam, it fills my cup.  

If I could, I would offer you a mug of your favorite beverage (mine being coffee with cream and sugar) and talk for a good, long while, going deeper as friends do.  But, since we cannot, at least right now, please sit and relax a bit and share your thoughts with me anyway.  It will be good for us both. 

May God bless you today, keep you in His peace that never runs out, and give you rest.  Truly - Me

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