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Tired of living a hot-mess life? Ready for deep change? Jennifer Usselman uses raw honesty, humor, personal story and scripture to invite us on a journey to days lived with more love, joy, peace and the many gifts God offers us if we choose to sit with Him and learn the way to a better life, indeed the very best possible. Don't miss out. Lace up your spiritual walking shoes and put one foot and one choice in front of the other to a place called Better!

An excerpt from Choosing to Choose Better:  "Have you ever felt like me? Dried out and hollow? Like you’re ruining the life you have been given? I promise that if you trust God and His will for your life found in His Word, you will start to become new and transform in ways you cannot fathom. This is an invitation to all who feel deep down, or even at a surface level, that there is hope in real change and that if we want more connection, calm, and love in our lives it is indeed attainable, if only we choose to choose better. We are paused at the road’s fork. Are you ready to do the unnatural? Trust me: this will only hurt a little…"

Don't put off living your best life even one more day - you were created for Better!

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