Choosing Better

Living More Like Jesus:  Finding Joy in Daily Moments

I am a woman torn.  Not only by which choices to make in the here and now moments, but torn by the bad choices I have already made in the past ones;  Impatience over pause, pace over peace, critical comments over encouragement. 

I truly want to choose better and live more like Jesus, but it is just so hard to do sometimes when life is messy and frayed I get down low in the muck with it rather than rise above. 

I am a mama, a wife, a business owner, writer and a ministry leader.  I have had lots of chances to choose well, but many times I missed the opportunity and went down the dim path.  For so long, I was full, but not fulfilled. 

Life is brimming with choices; those fork-in-the road moments where we can go in a direction that feeds us and those around us joy and love or one that offers instead dry crumbs and the scraps of what could have been. 

I was not being who I was created to be.  Then God walked in and changed everything. 

I am now on a life-change journey - finding joy and honoring rest and knowing peace - want to come along?  A trip of a lifetime where we discover God's best design for our everyday moments?  For me, it is long overdue.  Not sure about you, but I am tired of the scraps, I am ready for the table of bounty!

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